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Q. Are your seasoning blends gluten-free?

A. Our current spice blends are made without any added gluten-containing ingredients; however, we cannot confirm whether they were stored in a completely gluten-free environment prior to reaching us. As such, we've chosen not to label our products as 'gluten-free' to ensure the safety of those with severe allergies or celiac disease. 

Q. Are your seasoning blends vegetarian? 

A. No, we cannot guarantee that our seasoning blends are strictly vegetarian. While we do not add any animal products directly to our blends, the environments in which our vendors operate may expose our products to cross-contamination. Consequently, we cannot assure that our seasonings are 100% vegetarian. 

Q. Are there any allergen considerations for our products?

A. We do not personally blend our products in the same machinery with milk, eggs, fish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, shellfish and soy; however, our vendors may. Therefore, we have decided to add an allergy statement to our product labels. 

Q. Are your seasonings blends salt-free or low in salt?
A. Nope, our seasoning blends aren't completely salt-free. We've worked hard to make sure they're on the lower side when it comes to salt content. We totally get how important it is to keep things flavorful yet healthy, that is why we are currently working on salt-free versions of some of our seasoning blends (stay tuned).  Nutritional labels are found on each product. Everything you need to know is on the bottle and on the product page.

Q. Where do your spices come from?

A. Whenever possible, we source our spices and herbs from the US. However, as an agricultural commodity, not all spices are grown here. Our vendors may source from many countries, dependent upon growing climates, and upon availability.

Q. Are these seasoning mixes your own creation?

A. Absolutely! We've dedicated an insane amount of time tweaking and perfecting our secret recipes just for your tastebuds. No rebranding here. We're in the trenches, crying, and crafting small batches by hand to guarantee that quality and freshness.

Q. Do you have a store front I can visit?

A. No, but we are working hard to obtain one. Stand by :)

Q. What if my order arrives damaged?

A. Our seasoning blends are in glass. So, although we pack them with care, sometimes accidents happen during shipping. If your order arrives looking less than perfect, do us a solid and reach out before leaving a review. We're here to fix what we can and make sure you're happy! 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please send us a message below.

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